Who are we?


We believe that just about anything can be fixed. And anything can be contructed.

Here at LifeMods, we believe that everything can (and should) be fixed! We offer a wide variety of exotic wires tailored to create a diameter that is unparalleled to any "normal" gauge of wire, by combining 1, 2, or more wires together to create a Guitar Wire effect, otherwise known as a "Clapton."

Allow us to take the leg work out of your task, instead of creating the diameter wire needed for your job from scratch, pick up one of our pre-built spools instead! 

Make that beautiful necklace, that heat retardant bangle, fix your oven, heater, air conditioning, or just about anything that requires heat dissipation. We offer the alloy you need, for the job you're taking up. 

No matter your repair needs, Allow us to help you out!


Special LifeMods Perks! Go ahead and fix the unfixable! We can help you make those dreams a reality!

We strive to bring all the products we bring to you at a cost effective manner. This includes, competitive prices on even LifeMods + CM exclusives that we offer.

Oh, and did we mention that our exotic wires are made from only premium grade metals? So many different diameters to intertwine with your needs seamlessly 


100% Authentic. Always Guaranteed.

We are the main sourcing agents for all our products on the market. We own all the UPC codes associated with said products, meaning anytime you see our name associated with, you know it's a name you can trust! We, at LifeMods, offer competitive pricing on all of our products. Purchasing from us gives you the piece of mind that you are receiving an Authentic item, which we hold exclusive retail LifeMods bundles for.

But Don't worry, if you still need reassurance of authenticity just know that all of the products come with an anti-counterfeit authenticity card! 

We've been in the wire game since the mid 2000s, allow our expertise to help you achieve your outcome! 

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